👋 Welcome / Overview

The Fast-Weigh REST & GraphQL APIs allows system integrators to interface with the Fast-Weigh data model in a very flexible manner. If you aren't familiar with GraphQL, check out our crash course to get you started.


The REST & GraphQL API services use Basic Authentication. The encoded credentials should be included in the header of each request.

Administrators: You should use the "API/Integration" user role for the authenticating account. This role may interact with your company's data through any of the exposed API functions, but will not have frontend access to your Web Portal.


Your endpoint

You can find your endpoint listed on the Portal Settings page of you Fast-Weigh Web Portal. If you can't find it there, your Fast-Weigh onboarding or sales contact can provide it for you.

It should look something like:


API schema explorer

Your credentials will get you into our GraphQL API Explorer tool. There, you can dive into the data model docs as well as test queries with the live editor.


If you're looking for our REST API endpoints the OpenAPI/Swagger docs can be found here: api.fast-weigh.com/swagger

There are POST creation calls for Customers, Haulers, Orders, Trucks, Products, and LoadTickets.

There is also a LoadTicket query GET call with date parameters.