# 📊 Data Queries

Fast-Weigh Data Queries are custom endpoints you can use for all sorts of things. They can be the data source for a custom embedded report, an Excel data source, or an integration endpoint.

Data Queries are mapped to a unique URL endpoint. That means any platform capable of getting data from the web can call these queries. An example Data Query endpoint looks like:


# Getting started

You'll need an API Key. If you don't already have one, you can follow the authentication guide to get one set up.

You'll also need to know your GraphQL server name. This is the first part of the URL listed on your API Info page under the settings gear.

# GraphQL server name example:

GraphQL Endpoint: https://fwt.fast-weigh.dev/v1/graphql
Server name: fwt

With your key, you can log into the Data Queries site at: https://data.fast-weigh.dev