🔨 Tooling

Helpful tooling for developing and debugging queries.

Docs Explorer and Online Query Tool

Our online Fast-Weigh GraphQL API Explorer is great for browsing the data model docs and testing queries without the need for any local dev environment.

Local Development:

We recommend using a tool called Insomnia Client for query development and debugging.

It has some interesting properties tailored for GraphQL that make it super quick and easy to get going with.

Grab the free download here.

Video walkthrough

Using the Insomnia Client to Query the Fast-Weigh GraphQL API

Client Libraries

Unless you are programming your integration in a very obscure language, there are likely some client libraries that can abstract just about everything except the actual query writing away.

These libraries are absolutely not required. You can just send the request along in a simple JSON encoded request body. But if your needs are more complex, they can provide a helping hand.